At R&R Mobile, we aim to please. Prompt, punctual and professional pretty much sum up our business plan.

When we agree to service your business biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or when ever you pick up the phone, we'll be there.

One of the most positive types of feedback is the fact that when we service your tools - from kitchen knives to hair styling shears, they NEVER leave your sight.

We do all scissors and knives ON SITE! We refrain from leaving your establishment with your expensive tools.

View our client page to get an idea of our different range of services.

We also accept mail orders for people across Western Canada.


These are some of the things we do when sharpening clipper blades

  • inspect the socket, spring and blade guide to ensure parts are not worn
  • thoroughly clean all parts of the blade set
  • sharpen with my unique method to ensure dozens of future sharpenings
  • disinfect, lubricate and reassemble each clipper blade set to factory specifications
  • enclose each blade separately with a numbered, easy to find protective wrap

These are the steps when sharpening stylist shears

  • inspect and test shears to evaluate work to be done
  • lubricate and clean the pivot
  • using diamond, sharpen and then polish
  • deburr and test again
  • allow the stylist to test and approve


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